A preconfigured virtual machine for running Odoo out-of-the-box

After having struggled with Odoo (former OpenERP) installation for a couple of times, we have decided to put the pieces together and to create a public virtual machine package for the benefit of the community (and our students of course).

The package can be downloaded from here
Odoo Image Link
and will run on many platforms using virtualization from VirtualBox.

After downloading the package and mounting in VirtualBox, you will receive
Odoo 12.0 running on CentOS Linux 7 – 64Bit
Ad database, an instance of Postgres has also been included.

The default username for OS etc. is “inso” without a password.
The default user for Odoo is “demo@inso”.
As admin password, please use “superadmin_passwd”.

To start Odoo, open Firefox on the XServer and type http://localhost:8069/


How to establish a connection to the host system

In VirtualBox: Activate a Network Adapter, set it to Host-Only-Adapter, put promiscuous mode to Enable all. Go to File > Host-Only-Network-Manager. Check your IP- and DHCP-Configuration.

In Odoo: Enable Network. Stop Firewall by entering “systemctl stop firewalld” into terminal. Disable it if you want to. By using ifconfig you can find out the IP-adress of the vm-system.

Per default the address of the vm-system will be Check if it is pingable. If it’s pingable, try reaching it by browser with <VM-IP-Address>:8069.