“Strengthening universities’ capacities for improved access, use and application of ICT for social development and economic growth in Mozambique”.

The goals are a higher quality of education offered by the department of Mathematics and Informatics at UEM and a strengthening of the research capacities to produce research outputs of relevance to the Mozambique strategic economic sectors for rural development and poverty reduction. The improvement of the information technology programmes and infrastructure, coupled with a sustainable research partnership between UEM and TUW, is the main development goal to be achieved by the establishment of this project, so that the practical results can be made sustainable for the process of teaching, research and contribution to the Mozambican private sector, civil sector and economy as a whole.


A preconfigured virtual machine for running Odoo out-of-the-box

After having struggled with Odoo installation for a couple of times, we have decided to put the pieces together and to create a public virtual machine package for the benefit of the community (and our students of course).


Inter-company communication is one of the key topics in modern Supply Chain Management Strategies.  A competitive edge with respect to other businesses can be attained only through the fast, reliable, and flexible establishment of new supply and demand channels.