Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Grechenig

Head of INSO

E-mail: thomas.grechenig (AT)

DI Mag. Mag. Karl Pinter

Operative Head of OPEN

E-mail: karl.pinter (AT)

Research Focus: eGovernment, IT Strategy, Risk Management and IT Governance

Mag. Siegfried Zeilinger

Research Focus: ERP systems (SAP/nonSAP), Mobile applications

Links: Xing

E-mail: siegfried.zeilinger (AT)

DI René Lamber

Research Focus: eGovernment

E-mail: rene.lamber (AT)

Dr. Stephan Keiler

Research Focus: eGovernment

E-mail: stephan.keiler (AT)

Gernot Nusshall, BsC

Research Focus: eGovernment

E-mail: gernot.nusshall (AT)

DI Bernhard Scheuer

Research Focus: eGovernment

E-mail: bernhard.scheuer (AT)

Philipp Schnatter, BsC

Philipp works as project assistant and provides support for bachelor/master students.

E-mail: philipp.schnatter (AT)

DI David Waldhans

Research Focus: eGovernment

E-mail: open (AT)

Florian Taus

Florian works as tutor and provides support for risk management.

E-mail: florian.taus (AT)

Philipp Moser

Philipp provides support for IT strategy.

E-Mail: philipp.moser (AT)

Kevin Hirschböck

Kevin works as tutor and provides support for IT strategy.

E-Mail: kevin.hirschboeck (AT)